We are tree care specialists!

We have the knowledge and skill to handle:

  • Tree Trimming/pruning
  • Shrub and hedge maintenance or removal
  • Expert climbing
  • Dead wooding
  • Tree removal
  • Lot clean up for new construction
  • Stump removal
  • Preventive maintenance for healthy trees
  • Emergency storm damage clean up

Pruning or Trimming:

Properly maintained trees can increase the property value and beauty of your home and neighborhood.

It will also:

  • Help avoid disease
  • Help landscaping thrive
  • Enhance the tree’s beauty
  • Promote growth
  • Promote good branch structure
  • Compliment your residence
  • Protect your roof from wear due to overhanging branches
  • Help keep squirrels and other unwanted guests from entering your attic
  • Reducs the possibility of storm damage resulting from falling branches and debris

Tree Removal:

Sometimes it may be necessary to remove a tree when it becomes a hazard to people and/or property.

What causes a tree to become a hazard?

  • The tree has been struck by lightning
  • Tree roots are too close to the property’s foundation
  • Wind or storm damage
  • Rotten and hollow cavities, large splits to the trunk or limbs, or the tree has outgrown a safe area

Shrub/hedge maintenance:

We trim all types of hedges; big, small, round, square, pillars, globes, topiaries, etc.

Regular trimming and pruning of your hedge or shrubs keeps them in control, healthy, and looking nice. Not trimming or pruning will cause hedges and shrubs to grow in with an uncontrolled shape.

Stump Grinding/removal:

Stump Grinding is the most effective method of dealing with stumps, since they are ground below the surface, to give an immediate remedy rather than waiting years for Mother Nature to take her course. It’s worth noting that these stumps also provide the perfect refuge for colonizing carpenter ants where they can burrow into the soft, moist wood and establish themselves. From there they can move into your home chewing away for years before they are discovered and doing more damage than termites.

The byproduct of grinding can be mixed with top soil and/or used on flower beds.