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The right trees can add a timeless, majestic feel to your yard. The experts at Lawrence Tree Service can make sure your trees are healthy and beautiful. We offer tree trimming services in the Lawrence & Olathe, KS area. We can work at homes and businesses. You can trust us to use the proper techniques to make your trees look their best. Get in touch with us right away to schedule our services.

3 reasons to trim your trees

3 reasons to trim your trees

Trimming your trees regularly comes with a variety of benefits. Our tree trimming services, available in the Lawrence & Olathe, KS area, can:

  1. Promote the health of your trees.
  2. Increase your property value.
  3. Protect your property from weak branches.

Keeping your trees trimmed properly can also minimize damage during storms.

Don’t let your trees grow out of control. Hire us now to make sure your trees add to the picturesque scene of your property.

Types of tree trimming

There are numerous types of tree trimming options and it's important to understand what exactly your trees require. A few of the common types of tree trimming include:

  • Fine pruning: this improves the overall appearance of your trees
  • Standard tree trimming: this improves the structure of the branches
  • Hazard tree trimming: this removes potentially dangerous tree branches 
  • Crown reduction trimming: this is similiar to hazard trimming, but primarily focuses on damage from storms and natural disasters

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